The International Institute of Louisville…

…recognizes that Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are highly essential to succeeding in domestic and global missions.  Subject Matter Experts play a strategic role in CONUS, and OCONUS development and cooperation.  SME, highly specialized, and reliable persons with knowledge in a given area and a record of successful missions are vital to winning projects, as well as reaching successful execution.

Professional individuals with expertise are necessary for project execution and success.

IIL invites interested SMEs to register with our institute. 

SMEs benefit by:

  • Exchanging views, best practices, and seeking advice through respectful quality blog posts, other events.

  • Having the opportunity to join with an elite group of SMEs.

  • Becoming part of a local and global community by assisting with procedures and providing professional knowledge on issues in your field.

  • Be knowledgeable about job opportunities published by IIL.

Interested SMEs, please fill out the registration form and submit their CV by email to